Mission Statement
The Board of Directors, coaches, and umpires of MBSA will work in cooperation with the community to provide local area youth an opportunity to learn and develop the basic mental and physical skills of baseball and softball, ultimately building strong varsity baseball and softball programs. We are committed to fostering a sense of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the rewards of effort to promote positive social, emotional, and physical development in our players. It is also our goal to help create positive memories that will last a lifetime and transfer to success in all areas of life.

Philosophy and Vision
Our philosophy is to use positive teaching strategies, affirmation, and opportunities for correct repetitive practice to continuously improve our players’ skills. Our goal is to instill strong fundamentals and understanding of game strategy, not to win every game. The wins will come when our players have a chance to solidify their fundamentals and gain confidence in themselves, and this requires a supportive learning environment rather than a judgmental one.

MBSA Board of Directors
Members of the Board of Directors preside over the needs of the MBSA League. Each board member volunteers their personal time to ensure correct order of the organization, that fields are maintained, uniforms, shirts, and hats are purchased, equipment is ordered, rules are established, teams are created, coaches are selected and sponsorships are secured. The Board formally meets the second Wednesday of each month throughout the year and informally in committees as needed. The exception for this meeting schedule is during the season, and the Board members will determine an appropriate time to meet that does not conflict with game and practice schedules.

Standards of Conduct
We believe that everyone involved in youth baseball and softball intends to do their best job. Nobody puts time into coaching, umpiring, playing, or parenting a player with the intention of doing a poor job. Still, it is a good idea to clearly state what that means to prevent any miscommunication.

Good sportsmanship in words and in actions should be demonstrated by players at all times. Such behavior as giving put-downs, taunting, throwing of bats, or disrespect of coaches or umpires will not be tolerated and may lead to consequences such as suspension from games.

The behavior of parents is also critical to player success. It is important that parents support the standard of sportsmanship at games and practices. We ask parents to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all events. This includes respecting the decisions of umpires and coaches and supporting players with positive comments.

Finally, this message is intended for all involved: remember who you are and what you represent. You represent yourself, your family, your team, MBSA, Minooka Public Schools, and the Village of Minooka to other people. Your negative behavior reflects poorly upon all that you represent, just as your positive behavior reflects well. Let us leave a positive impression wherever we go.

As the leader of the team, a coach’s conduct is critically important. Players will watch what coaches do more closely than they listen to what coaches say. Thus, coaches need to follow up their statements about good sportsmanship with behavior that is consistent with the stated beliefs. Coaches should also demonstrate an understanding of confidentiality in discussion with others, considering the impact that their words may have on players. In the case of unsportsmanlike or degrading behavior of a coach, consequences may include a written warning from the Board, suspension from games, or removal from coaching. Once a coach is removed from a team, he or she may not coach again.

It is the goal of the MBSA League to provide each player who participates in baseball or softball with the opportunity to learn and excel. In order for this to happen, we need to have volunteers (usually parents) offer to take on the challenge of coaching. We acknowledge that coaching is a difficult job, but most of all, your time and efforts will be recognized and appreciated.

Listed are some coaching responsibilities:

  • Be positive. Our intention is to develop our program, not to discourage players by noting only their shortcomings. By emphasizing what players can do well, we encourage them to try for more.
  • Create a safe atmosphere. This includes giving basic instruction about safe procedures in batting, throwing, and use of safety equipment. This also includes voluntarily undergoing a background check for all coaches involved in working with players.
  • Teach fundamentals and game strategy. This will require you to know the fundamentals and game strategy yourself, particularly the fundamentals that apply to your level, and to plan practices in advance so the most can be made of the time you have.
  • Communicate with parents. Parents are your greatest allies. Nobody wants to see their children succeed more than parents, and they will often help if a player is struggling. At times including parents is just a good idea.
  • Be fair. Often, this means that we need to overcome the natural favoritism we may feel for our own children. Make sure that your team is a place where everyone gets an equal chance to learn.

MBSA is a recreational league. Get to know your players, establish team rituals, and in general enjoy your team, the game, AND HAVE FUN.